"I owe the love of painting to the things that inspire me, my muse ist all that impresses me"

Vanessa Ritter von Klier

was born on 25.6.70 as María Vanessa Madrigal Mendoza in the port city of Puntarenas in Costa Rica. In 1992 she moved to Germany and since 1994 Berlin has become her second home.

Vanessa worked in the costume department of Metropol Theater and participated in many national and international film productions. (including in the movies Lola and Billy the Kid, Enemy at the Gates, 80 Days Around the World, Roman Polanski's The Pianist)

Since the beginning of 2017 Vanessa has discovered her love for a different kind of canvases: painting. She uses different techniques and additional materials for her paintings made of acrylic and oil paint to create special structures and surfaces. The art of patinating learned on many actor costumes is to be found today as a special technique in her pictures.


She finds inspiration on the streets of Berlin, in the forms and materials of old house walls, in the moss of the curb, in rusted pipes, in the trees of the parks.